Track Record

Aurium has an extensive track record in the energy solutions and sustainability sectors, having invested over £1.5B into more than 40 mid-market investment projects.

Learn about some our key projects below.

Bioenergy Infrastructure Group (BIG)

BIG is establishing one of the UK’s largest portfolios of biomass and waste-to-energy facilities.

The BIG portfolio has the potential to divert over 1 million tonnes of waste each year from landfill, delivering vital additional energy capacity to the national grid. With over 100 MW of operational and late-stage construction assets, and a further 200 MW in the pipeline, BIG is at the forefront of developing the UK’s low-carbon economy. Given the UK’s unprecedented energy crisis, their work is more important than ever before.

Aurium is a lead sponsor and investor in BIG alongside InfraCapital, the infrastructure arm of M&G Investments, and Helios Energy Investments.

Green Deal

First launched by the UK government in 2011, the Green Deal was established to address the fact that the UK has some of the most thermally inefficient housing in Europe.

In January 2017, Aurium partnered with Greenstone Finance to privatise from the UK Department of Energy an entity called the Green Deal Finance Company (GDFC), which focussed on setting up, financing and administering the delivery of energy-efficient solutions to UK households. GDFC is now part of Tandem Bank, a leading challenger bank with green objectives at its core.

Bio Capital Ltd

Bio Capital invests in renewable energy plants which use anaerobic digestion (AD) technology. Its goal is to aggregate a portfolio of AD plants in the UK and Ireland, targeting both gas-to-grid and electricity generation facilities that utilise food-waste and agri-feedstock fuel sources.

Aurium was a lead sponsor of Bio Capital Ltd, along with Helios Energy Investments and Equitix Ltd.


Aurium has provided construction finance for a number of solar projects spread throughout the UK with a capacity exceeding 150MW. All loans have been refinanced although the projects are still operational.